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Elite Restoration Group is IICR certified and offers water damage in Philadelphia for more than 15 years. Our team worked hard to be a name that you can trust for the extraction of excess water and any certified water restoration needs. We understand how, especially with disasters like water and fire loss incidents, a fast response is critical to protecting…

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Water Damage in Philadelphia

Water damage plagues homes and businesses in Philadelphia, PA. Historic buildings, fluctuating weather patterns, and proximity to water bodies make the city particularly vulnerable. From heavy rains and floods to burst pipes and sewer backups, threats abound. The National Flood Insurance Program reports floods as the most common and expensive natural disaster in the U.S., causing billions in damage annually.

Professional water damage restoration services like certified companies can significantly reduce these risks. They offer fast response times, advanced equipment, and comprehensive restoration processes to return properties to their pre-damaged state. Quick intervention is crucial to prevent further damage, mold growth, and higher restoration costs. Understanding the importance of professional restoration protects your property and health during water emergencies.

Water damage comes in three categories: clean, gray, and black water. Clean water, from broken pipes or rainwater, poses no immediate health risks. Gray water, from sources like dishwashers, contains contaminants that may cause illness. Black water, the most severe, originates from sewage or floodwaters and holds harmful pathogens and toxins.

Common causes of water damage in homes include plumbing leaks, burst pipes, faulty appliances, and natural disasters. Philadelphia’s aging infrastructure can also contribute. According to the American Insurance Association, water damage claims are the second most frequent insurance claims in the U.S., accounting for roughly 20% of all claims. Understanding the types and causes of water damage empowers homeowners to take preventive actions and respond quickly to minimize damage.

Understanding Water Damage

Common Signs of Water Damage

Early detection of water damage prevents severe structural damage and health problems. Look for water stains on ceilings or walls, peeling or bubbling paint, and warped or buckling floors. A musty odor often indicates hidden mold growth, while increased utility bills may suggest a hidden leak.

Immediate steps upon detecting water damage include stopping the source if possible, removing standing water, and contacting a professional restoration service.  The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) emphasizes drying affected areas within 24-48 hours to prevent mold growth and further damage. Regular inspections and awareness of these signs empower homeowners to address water damage promptly.



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Residential Water Damage Restoration Philadelphia, PA

Our focus is restoring your affected space to pre-damaged condition. Rest assured, our highly-trained technicians will complete the water removal and cleanup process from beginning to end, helping to ensure it is documented along the way, and dried properly and thoroughly. Our customer-focused professionals will:

  • Assess your property’s water damage.
  • Explain the extent of the water damage and the restoration process so you can make an informed decision on how to proceed.
  • Use advanced equipment to detect hidden moisture and perform water extraction from any standing water.
  • Help ensure your property is clean, dry, and restored to its pre-damaged condition.

Commercial Water Damage Restoration Philadelphia

When water damage occurs in your commercial property, be it a small business, warehouse, high-rise building, or other industrial space, the destruction can be devastating. Not only is your business damaged, but operations may stop, causing a disruption in production and revenue, as well as inconveniencing or causing possible safety concerns for your customers and employees. No matter the size or source of the commercial job, from floods to broken pipes, our team of professionals is ready to respond to your call and provide quick response for water damage restoration service or any restoration needs.

Industries Serviced:

– Retail      - Educational Facilities

– Healthcare  - Property Management

– Hospitality  - Food Service

Water Damage Restoration | Elite Restoration Group

Sewage Damage Cleanup Philadelphia

Sewage damage cleanup needs to promptly remove, clean, and disinfect affected areas, leaving no harmful contaminants or pathogens behind. By adhering to strict safety protocols, our sewage cleanup experts handle even the most challenging and unpleasant tasks, such as sewer backups, septic tank overflows, and flooding incidents. We offers swift response and efficient cleanup procedures mitigate potential health risks, property damage, and long-term environmental consequences.

  • Assess the extent of the sewage damage
  • Implement protective measures for both our team and occupants.
  • Extraction and Cleaning: We use specialized equipment to remove sewage and debris and then clean and disinfect the affected area.
  • Structural Drying and Restoration: Proper drying and restoration are essential to prevent further damage and restore the space to its original condition.
  • Final Inspection: We conduct a final inspection to ensure the area is safe, clean, and meets our high standards before completing the project.


Highly Trained Restoration Specialists

Our professionals specialize in residential water damage restoration, with training focused on restoring salvageable items, accelerating drying time, including drying basement time, and implementing water mitigation while documenting the entire restoration process.

Customer Care

Our professionals care about you and your property and want to help you get your property back to pre-loss condition after you have water damage to your home or business.

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We’ve earned the reputation as a trusted leader in the restoration industry and so much more.

Easier Insurance Claims Process

We will help you navigate the insurance claims process and coordinate the necessary paperwork for a quicker, easier experience.

Testimonials from Past Clients

" From start to finish these guys were great. They came next day after our incident. Nick walked me through the procedure and had a team there by lunch. Pedro, Hector and their team were fast, efficient and friendly. I think the costs were extremely fair. I hope I never need water restoration services again but if I do, I'm calling them! "
Water Damage Restoration | Elite Restoration Group
Laura Grim

Frequently Asked Questions

Stop the water source if possible, remove standing water, and call a professional restoration service immediately. Quick action is essential to prevent further damage and mold growth.

The restoration process typically takes from a few days to several weeks, depending on the extent of the damage and the size of the affected area.

Document the damage with photos, contact your insurance company, and provide necessary documentation. A professional restoration company can assist with the paperwork and expedite the claims process.

Hidden water damage signs include unexplained musty odors, sudden increases in utility bills, and the appearance of mold or mildew. Regular inspections can help detect these issues early.

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