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Elite Restoration Group, is your trusted partner in mold removal and remediation. With our cutting-edge techniques, experienced professionals, and commitment to excellence, we are your go-to solution for tackling mold issues in both residential and commercial spaces. Mold can be a persistent problem, but with our expertise, you can regain a clean and healthy environment for your property.

Your Trusted Residential Mold Removal Experts

Elite Restoration Groups, a leader in mold removal and remediation services, is dedicated to providing comprehensive solutions for various mold-infested areas within homes. Our dedicated team of experts specializes in comprehensive residential mold removal services, ensuring your home is mold-free and your family is protected.

Mold growth in residential spaces is a persistent issue that can compromise both the health of occupants and the structural integrity of a property. Mold tends to flourish in damp and poorly ventilated areas, creating potential health hazards and unsightly blemishes.

Causes of Mold Growth

• Excess Moisture: Damp environments due to leaks, flooding, or high humidity levels create ideal conditions for mold growth.

Poor Ventilation: Inadequate airflow and ventilation in spaces like bathrooms and basements can encourage mold to flourish.

Water Damage: Untreated water leaks, roof damage, or faulty plumbing can lead to hidden mold growth within walls and ceilings.

Improper Maintenance: Neglecting routine maintenance, such as cleaning air conditioning units or gutters, can contribute to mold problems.

Our Services for Mold Removal​

Attic Mold Removal:

Mold growth in the attic can go unnoticed for a long time, potentially causing structural damage and health hazards. Our skilled technicians at Elite Restoration Group specialize in thorough attic mold removal. Using advanced techniques and equipment, we detect the source of moisture, remove the mold, and restore your attic to its pristine condition.

Basement Mold Removal

Basements are vulnerable to moisture buildup, making them a breeding ground for mold. Our basement mold removal service targets the root cause of the issue. We not only eliminate visible mold but also take preventative measures to ensure mold won’t return, keeping your basement dry and safe.

Bathroom Mold Removal

The constant exposure to moisture in bathrooms creates an ideal environment for mold to flourish. Elite Restoration Group’s bathroom mold removal experts efficiently identify and eradicate mold from every nook and cranny. We restore your bathroom to a hygienic state, promoting healthy indoor air quality.

Kitchen Mold Removal

Kitchens are another high-moisture area susceptible to mold growth. Our specialized kitchen mold removal service addresses mold problems in even the hardest-to-reach places. Elite Restoration Group ensures your kitchen remains a safe space for preparing meals and enjoying time with your family.

Bedroom Mold Removal

Your bedroom should be a sanctuary of rest, not a breeding ground for mold. Our professionals meticulously assess and remove mold from bedrooms, focusing on both visible and hidden areas. We prioritize your health and comfort throughout the process.

Living Room Mold Removal

Mold growth in the living room can be unsightly and harmful. Our living room mold removal service restores the aesthetics of your space while also ensuring the air quality is free from mold contaminants. Trust Elite Restoration Group to revitalize your living room into a mold-free zone.

Our Process

Health and Safety Priority:

Safety is our Top Priority at Elite Restoration Group. Throughout the entire mold removal process, we place paramount importance on ensuring the well-being of both you and our team members. We adhere rigorously to stringent safety protocols, employing industry best practices to minimize any potential risks associated with mold exposure. By creating a secure work environment and utilizing protective measures, we guarantee that your health remains uncompromised.

Customer Education:

At Elite Restoration Group, we’re committed to empowering homeowners for a mold-free future. Our team offers comprehensive insights into mold removal, sharing preventive measures and maintenance strategies. Understanding mold growth factors equips you to sustain a safe and comfortable living space long-term. Your satisfaction and well-being are our top priorities, guiding you every step of the way.

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Why Choose Elite Restoration Group for Residential Mold Removal?


Expertise and Experience:

Our experienced professionals are experts in mold removal, ensuring effective and targeted solutions.


Cutting-Edge Technology:

We use advanced tools for detection and removal, ensuring thorough and efficient services.


Customized Solutions:

Every home is unique, and we tailor our services to meet your specific needs.


Health and Safety:

We prioritize the well-being of all occupants during the removal process.


Proven Results:

Our track record of successful mold removal speaks for itself, giving you peace of mind.

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